Gym Guidelines

  • Give three (3) options.  This way hopefully your team gets one of their requests. Only approved requests will be entered on the KASA calendar.  If you request more than one night per week, two request forms must be made.  No more than two (2) nights per week will be granted. 
  • Get your requests in early as they will be made on a first come first serve bases.
  • One last item, if any one coach on your team has not returned to KASA the signed coach's concussion acknowledgement, your team will not be granted gym space.

NOTE: If your team is not going to need the gym you are scheduled for please be sure to notify the gym scheduler so that the time can be opened up for another team.

***If you are locked out please call one of the below numbers***

Weekdays/Weekends Pager - 920-554-5214 
Backup Pager - 920-213-5300