Volunteer Position Descriptions


Competitive Team Manager 

  • Team Communications 

  • League and tournament schedules 

  • Practice schedules 

  • Coach requests 

  • Set up hotel blocks for travel tournaments 

  • Team check-in at tournaments 

  • WYSA “Permission to travel” form for out of state tournaments 

  • Work with team treasurer to ensure team runs smoothly 

Competitive Team Treasurer 

  • Set up bank account 

  • General bookkeeping responsibilities 

  • Deposit team funds 

  • Write checks for team expenses 

  • Referee fees 

  • Keep detailed records of team financial transactions and assist board treasurer with year-end reporting for team. 

Competitive Team Fundraising 

  • Coordinate team fundraisers for team funds 

Youth Academy Team Manager 

  • Team Communications 

  • Confirm player availability for game day 

Youth Academy Game Day Volunteer 

  • “Field Marshall” for KASA hosted game days 

  • Direct families to fields 

  • Set up game day signage  

  • Assist youth academy director and coordinator as needed 

Youth Academy Tournament Coordinator 

  • Organize Youth Academy participation in tournament(s) 

  • Organize teams 

  • Get teams registered 

Club - Adopt A Park 

  • Perform regular checks on your adopted park 

  • Check net & goal condition 

  • Ensure nets are intact, add a zip tie or two if needed 

  • Trim around goals if needed 

  • Report field or goal damage to club 

Club - Board Member 

  • Attend monthly board meetings 

  • Volunteer for open board member duties 

Club - Field & Goal Maintenance 

  • Help with field & goal repairs (sod/seed, paint goals, etc) 

Club - Field Playability 

  • On inclement weather days walk fields to make sure they are still playable and safe to use 

Club – Fundraising 

  • Coordinate club-wide fundraisers 

Volunteer When Requested 

  • Willing to step up when team or club is looking for volunteer duties not listed above