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Text Notification

New Text Notification Option

In an effort to continue improving communications with our players, parents, coaches, and referees we are now offering a new text notification alert system for our club. This is a free service to our families.

If you choose to sign up, the notifications you will receive will be alert only type notifications. You will receive a text, an email, or both notifying you of things such as KASA field closings due to weather. Since they are based on text notifications they will be short messages to give you the information you need in rapid fashion.

We are using a provider called RainedOut. As stated earlier the service is free, but in order for it to be free they attach a small ad to each text message. They WILL NOT spam you with separate text or email ads, just a brief text ad at the end of the text message. At this time ads are not showing up in their email notifications, but that is subject to change. 

Here is an example of how a text message from us will look using this system. 

If you are interested in receiving text and/or emails alerts from us, here are the sign up instructions:

Text Notifications

As with all text messages, standard rates apply. There is no cost for this service, but the texts that come from us will count towards your monthly usage.

To sign up for alerts from KASA on your phone text KASASOCCER to 84483. You should then receive a confirmation message that says 4 messages per month. Needless to say that may vary, if we have nice weather all month we may not send any messages. If we have more weather like we've been having we might send out two or three per week. 

That's all there is to it! You will now receive KASA alerts via text messaging on your phone. 
Email Notifications

Visit the KASA RainedOut page at:

KASA RainedOut

Enter your email address on the first tab, check the Agree to Terms of Service box, and click on "Start Signup".

In your email you will receive a Validation Code. Enter that code on the second tab and click on "Validate Code":

After entering the Validation Code you will be taken to the third tab. You are now set up to receive general email alerts from KASA.

For one last reminder, despite our excitement over being able to offer this new communication tool to the families in our club, the KASA website is the only guaranteed location to find cancellation or change information. For various reasons emails and texts don't make it through to their intended recipients, and therefore we cannot guarantee you will receive everything we send out via those methods. Please make sure to visit the KASA website if you have any questions regarding cancellations or changes.