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Tryout Registration

WYSA member clubs including KASA will be using a new registration system for the fall. KASA will be using that new system starting with tryout registration for the 2018-2019 season.

If you have registered with KASA before but this is your first time using our new system (Demosphere), you will need to use the password reset tool to gain access to your account. Family info has been imported from the previous system, and will be accessible to you after you reset and create a new password using the “Forgot my password” link.

If you already have logged in to the new system, please enter your user name and password and click "Sign In".

If you have forgotten your password please use the “Forgot my password” link.

To register for tryouts click on the link above and follow the above instructions.  After you have logged in to your family account you can proceed with tryout registration:

  1. Verify your household information
  2. Select "Register a participant"
  3. Select the player you want to register for tryouts and verify their information is accurate. Select "Save and Continue"
  4. Make sure "Classic Tryouts 2018-2019" is displayed under season. Select the proper age group based on the player's birth year. Select "Continue"
  5. Enter parent & emergency contact info. If you have registered with KASA in the past the info should be available under the "Select" drop down box. Please verify parent & emergency contact information is accurate and select "Save and Continue"
  6. Verify registration info is correct and select "Continue"
  7. Accept the terms of the waiver and select "Continue"
  8. Repeat the above process if you have another player to register by selecting "Register a Participant" or select "No, Proceed to Next Step" if you are done registering players.
  9. Feel free to donate to the club if you wish!
  10. Verify order one last time and select "Proceed to Checkout"
  11. Enter payment info (if necessary) and select "Submit"